As Bali’s most popular tourist destination, Seminyak has a huge range of accommodation options to suit all budgets – from luxury hotels to backpacker hostels, authentic homestays to relaxing spa resorts. But none are as popular as Seminyak’s growing selection of beautiful villas, which offer excellent value for money, gorgeous design and personalised services that hotels and resorts just aren’t able to provide.

Here are our top 5 reasons Seminyak villas beat hotels every time.


At first glance, villas might seem more expensive than hotels, but when you take everything into account, that’s really not the case – particularly when you’re sharing a large villa with a few people.

The price per person will often work out to be a lot less than the price you’d pay for a room in a resort and you get access to large communal spaces, which usually include a living area, a kitchen, spacious grounds and a private pool.

On top of this, you’ll tend to spend less money on things like taxis and meals out, as you can either prepare meals at home or pay a small fee to your in-house staff to cook for you.


One of the top reasons visitors to Bali pick Seminyak villas over hotels is the privacy these properties offer. If you’ve come to the island for a romantic retreat, you don’t have to worry about other people’s kids ruining your relaxation time, but if your trip to Bali is all about family fun, you’re free to make as much noise as you like!

In your own private villa, you can also fully relax. If you want to enjoy a lazy breakfast in your PJs, there’s no-one to stop you and there’s definitely no need to get dressed up to go for dinner. You can even prepare your own meals if you like. (Although we’re sure your private chef would be happy to do that for you!)


One of the things that draws more and more tourists to Bali every year is the island’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle and you can really make the most of this when staying in a villa. Often, the living spaces in Seminyak villas will be open-air, cooled only by Bali’s natural breezes, and you’ll always have a view to either the garden or your private pool.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the contemporary comforts and technology you’d find in a luxury resort. Many villas are designed by top architects and interior designers, who do an amazing job of balancing modern design and amenities with authentic Balinese touches, so you get the best of both worlds.

Personalised service

The services on offer vary from villa to villa. If you’re really after privacy, you can choose a villa where a maid simply comes by once a day and you handle everything else yourself, but if you want to be waited on hand and foot, there are also plenty of options.

Some villas include everything from kitchen staff to drivers, butlers to chefs, and even personal spa therapists. And unlike in a hotel, you won’t be limited to a set menu or a few treatment options – just let your villa’s staff know what you like to eat or what sort of massage you’d prefer, and they’ll take care of it!

Space to entertain

Visitors to Seminyak often opt to stay in a villa for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversary celebrations, because these properties are great for entertaining guests.

Whether you want to host a small dinner party, or an all-night pool party, you’ve got the flexibility and the facilities to do so. In some villas, there is even enough space for bigger events such as weddings or business functions.


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